*Numbers based on average results of clients yielded during the beginning months of the pandemic in 2020


Enhancing your visibilitythrough  

website design, photography and social media management.


Photography of product/service, themed shoots, etc. starting at $450US (based on 50 pictures, with 25 of them being retouched and processed through Photoshop)


Website design starting at $1,000US (price based on website design alone for a turnaround time of approximately 1 month)


Photography of product/service, website design, social media management and growth strategies starting at $2,500US (price based on length of service rendered)

"I highly recommend Sydney Watson to promote prospective businesses. I am 66 years of age, and Instagram and the likes pose a challenge to me. Covid came into being, and it affected my business negatively. My business was forced to close its doors for months, I was unable to make payroll and rent. I was fortunate to be referred to Sydney by a dear friend in May 2020. She flipped my business from being in the red to make a profit, the margin was surprisingly palatable. She literally turned it into an overnight success by instituting a website, got my business on social media and created contacts with delivery companies which enhanced my volume. She was instrumental in setting a reopening date in June, setting shorter hours in accordance with the pandemic, and facilitated setting up outdoor seating for dining. The response was overwhelming as my restaurant sales grew exponentially. It would be an understatement she is not equipped to tackle any task. She is a natural marketer. All businesses need a boost and presence on social media in today’s market. I highly recommend Sydney Watson. My business has grown in sales tremendously. I was fortunate to have met her when I needed expertise and advice. Thank you Sydney.

Rod Osavio, Caribbean Plate

White Branch


(617) 302-0335

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