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As a recent graduate of Suffolk University in Boston, Sydney received her BSBA degree with a double major in Finance and Global Business. Despite being a recent undergrad, she has managed to gather quite a few professional experiences under her belt. From working as a Business Advisory Intern at Ernst & Young in 2019 and a Business Consulting Intern in 2020, a Unit Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital, and holding a position as Partner in Ronin Media & Technologies, she has gained valuable skills in various industries. The skills developed from studying abroad in Italy and living in both Jamaica and the United States have made her extremely flexible and adaptable to new environments. 

Particularly in her endeavors at Ernst & Young, she was able to gather real world experience from a large consulting firms perspective. Learning and working directly with senior managers, executive directors and partners, and serving large clients such as banks and insurance companies has helped her to translate hard and soft skills needed to assist small businesses in real and organic growth. 

She has combined her passion for web design and the genuine interest in seeing small businesses thrive to create Watson Consulting and Sydney Watson Studio.